Thursday, August 21, 2008


I must admit I never cared much for them - I always thought of the band as a sad bunch, the Fake-Plastic-Trees guys. Sometimes I even found them slightly irritating.

Yesterday I spent 4 hours in various traffic jams to see them live. It was raining and cold and my expectations were low. I wasn't too happy when I got there and saw the show had already started.

I stood there, looking at the strange green lights playing on stage and the thousands and thousands of heads looking, listening. And I figured there must have been something going on. What attracts this crowd?

After listening to a few songs, I felt I understood the big picture, the high-altitude view. Radiohead is about us. It's about a dysfunctional world, about a non-harmonic society that somehow fits together and keeps moving on. It's sad, of course, but it's also very true.

Yesterday, for the first time I really appreciated their work. Great band. Great concert.

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Thiago Ganzarolli (X-low) said...

Nice view of their work. I posted a far more earthly, behavioural view concerning Radiohead on my marketing class forum. I guess I'll later reproduce it on my blog.