Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I just came back from their concert here in Seattle. Good show, nothing really special to note. I was surprised to see them ending their set with "I am the Walrus", but it seems they do that.

Along the same lines as the Radiohead "review", my personal impression of Oasis is that they're not unique and they're not different, but they excel at being a normal rock band. And that's quite an accomplishment, since that's pretty much what a lot of other bands try (and fail) to do.

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Thiago Ganzarolli (X-low) said...

Surely not, but started or restarted this kind of band in the 90's. They are not unique if compared with their followers. However, if you bring Beatles or older bands to the game, then they are really not different nor unique.
What sucks in their shows is the poor interaction with the public. Liam is a dick head. But I enjoy their sound a lot.