Thursday, May 31, 2007


The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is full of, well, modern "art". While I appreciate the abstractions that still resemble something real (like Picasso or Miró), the "nonobjective painting" annoys me. However, their huge three-paneled water lilies redeemed them entirely. If you want to cool me down, just make me look at Monet's later life paintings.

Little Italy and Chinatown didn't quite impress me. The first at least looks good and has a lot of restaurants that look nice; the latter is too dirty and too crowded for me to really appreciate it (and I like São Paulo's equivalent for it (Liberdade) much better). However, I didn't spend a lot of time there and might have missed a lot of stuff.

I watched The Phantom of the Opera on Brodway and enjoyed it. Although the music sounds more impressive on a CD, it was still pretty good live. And the scenarios are very well done, the best I've seen on a theater so far.

The subway is dirty but overall efficient; the city's rythm is crazy (even worse than São Paulo); there's an impressive number of beautiful women on the streets; there's food for all tastes and budgets; the traffic sucks; the nightlife is very intense (and yes, you can find places to party until dawn).

The city felt like a mix of Paris and São Paulo - no one treats you very kindly, it's beautiful, huge, fast and there's always something going on. If you like cities, NYC is a must see.


Actea said...

NY, parece ser mesmo tudo que dizem...

Deve ser legal conhecer e fazer um belo tour, mas eu não curto esse rítmo acelerado das grandes cidades. I'm a country girl hehe :D

Meu sonho era viver no meio do mato, com muuuitas árvores e silêncio para poder escutar meu próprio barulho.


Carol Gama said...

Oi Thiago,
tudo bem?
Pelos seus posts e fotos a viagem por NYC foi linda :)vou deixar uma sugestao de livro, chama Fama & Anonimato do jornalista Gay talese, ele escreve varios perfis dos nova yorkinos, é bem legal, estilo jornalismo literário. Acho que vai acrescentar um pouco sobre a historia de pessoas anonimas de NY.

Bom final de semana!