Sunday, May 27, 2007


The Central Park is huge, nice and clean. There was a bunch of people there enjoying the spring, sitting on the grass, tanning, strolling, biking, skating, playing frisbees, eating hot dogs or ice cream cones. It's easy to get lost (I thought I was going south and ended up on Fifth Ave (east)), it's easy to enjoy.

The Guggenheim Museum is interesting. I'm not a big fan of modern art, but I can expend some time trying to figure out the value of some of their so called art. I noticed it's not random, there's a certain pattern to it. I guess that's something already, huh? Besides that, they have a cool post-impressionism section and a few Picassos.

The Empire State building is crowded. Never, ever go there on a weekend. I had to endure 90 minutes waiting in line to get up there, plus some more 45 minutes to get down to the street level. The night view is cool, NYC is beautiful from up there, but I (and everyone else leaving the elevator) was very glad to get out of it.

The Times Square is a place for tourists. A huge crowd from all parts of the world occupies the street, leaving little room for one to walk. The lights are quite impressive and it works pretty well as a symbol of the modern city life, but it gets old quickly. I am told that New Yorkers tend to avoid it.

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