Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Most personal blogs have been dead for quite a while; Facebook has pretty much replaced them. I haven't posted in more than one year and I don't even know if any of my friends still do. Is anyone still here?


Ricardo Araújo said...

Bizarrices da vida: ontem, por acaso, estava limpando arquivos do meu host e achei uma lista de links antigos. Visitei este blog depois de muitos anos. E hoje postas nele!

Renata said...

pong, :-)

Ricardo Araújo said...

Buuu nem nos respondeu.

Thiago said...

2 leitores! yay!

agorius7 said...

There may be a more complex way of seeing this,
The simple part of me only knows
That by any qualitative criteria
Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder,
At least in regard to what is beheld.
And from behind the eye there may be
A sensibility that discerns beauty,
But for a long time now the phrase has been used
To convey the opposite meaning.
Slightly more refined than noses that run
And feet that smell: eyes that perceive taste.
It no longer really matters what beauty is,
No doubt a social construct, a vaguely satisfactory outcome
Of certain connections of forms.
Sunlight on a broken column.
Somewhat lost in the current inability to produce columns
That look beautiful when broken.
So the simpler part of me once thought
The loss of the quality of beauty
Which has been going on for some time,
Was perceptually a bad thing.
One that could be a significant effect and cause
Of something that was deserving of critique
Of a way of seeing that might be given the title
Modernism, or it may be given some other name
But the problem was of the same type.
So the crisis of modernism seemed apt and important to me.
I thought a man of duty and sensibility
Could and also should do something about it.
The simpler part of me was not perhaps highly informed to begin with,
But after these many years I know enough to know
The general principle still strongly dominates the aesthetic fields
Architecture and art is still modern enough
And is for the main part a qualitative load of rubbish.

If anything further is said it only obscures the point.

The Man from Gondolin

Leonardo Menezes Vaz said...


Asad Ali said...

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