Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Coachella's lineup is out

At a first glance, this year's lineup doesn't look very exciting. However, last year I discovered a number of good bands because of the festival so I'm just downloading everything to my Zune to see what I can find this time around. I'll give them scores and post it here, as follows.

0 - Horrible. Must stay away from their stage. They suck so much that you don't want to risk being photographed nearby.

1- Bad. You should rather go to the beer garden.

2 - Watchable. If it's not too crowded and the sun is not too hot, go sit on the grass around their stage.

3 - Enjoyable. Worth staying up for one hour - and you may find your feet and hands moving to the rhythm of their songs.

4 - Fun! This band is worth elbowing your way to a good spot, maybe even scheduling ahead to be there early enough.

5 - Must see. This takes precedence over all conflicting shows and would even make you watch a bad show before just to reserve your spot. If there are two 5's at the same time, murderous thoughts about the organizers are morally acceptable.


Friday (April 25th)

American Bang: 3 (good honest rock n' roll)

Modeselektor: 2 (not terribly exciting techno)

Rogue Wave: 2.5 (average indie band, 0.5 extra for their awesome "Zune ad song" - Lake Michigan)

Porter: 1.5 (I feel I could change my mind on this, but at the moment they annoy me)

The Bees: 2 (these guys remind of Wilco)

Professor Murder: 1 (they try to be different and fail)

Black Lips: 2

Cut Copy: 3 (good slow beat!)

Architecture in Helsinki: 2 (interesting music, bad show)

Dan Deacon: 1 (some could say original, I say annoying!)

Vampire Weekend: 3 (tap tap tap - yay for happy music!)

Jens Lekman: 1 (waaay tooo slooow)

Adam Freeland: 1 (undanceable techno)

Minus the Bear: 2

(I'll keep updating this post as I listen to them)

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