Thursday, December 13, 2007

heroes is going downhill


The second season was worse than the first. The final episode was disappointing - I can see the director saying "we must end the season NOW, let's DO it". The villain cliche at the end was a bit too much - "I'm back! Mwahahah!". And the use of Clair's or Adam's blood to resurrect people sadly reminds of aunt May's multiple fiascos. And Peter Petrelli is getting closer and closer of being the new Superman - he's ultra powerful and super dumb.

Shame, I really liked that show.


Qvantamon said...

Hah. I haven't watched a single episode from the new season yet.

raquel said...

Vini, vici, hated it. Heroes faz tempo que está ficando lamentável. Teriam feito melhor se tivessem começado do zero a segunda temporada, como era o suposto plano original. Mas eu nao tenho paciencia com séries que andam um milimetro por episodio, tipo Lost e essa segunda temporada de Heroes, então, sou suspeita.

Renata said...

Eu parei de ver no meio da segunda temporada. O episódio 7 veio errado e nao tive mais disposição para baixar de novo :P

Moon Majumdar said...

there's always another show!
some recent ones which have held on to their appeal:
- battlestar galactica
- the wire
- 30 Rock