Sunday, August 12, 2007


I went to Chicago because of Lollapalooza (another post coming soon). I wasn't expecting much of the city, but I ended up positively surprised. They seem to have achieved a good balance between small and big town. The natural landscape - including the (now clean) Chicago River and the Great Lakes - combined with the work of a number of famous architects results in a very pleasant combination.

People were nice, open to conversation, crime is gone, and they have their own (great) pizza style - Chicago's deep dish.

(upcoming posts - so that I don't forget: Lollapalooza vs Coachella; EB games sucks; Stardust)

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raquel said...

Eu e o Ricardo estamos planejando dar um pulo em Seatlle aí pelo dia 14-17 (algum desses dias, não todos) de outubro. Vais estar por aí? Tb aceitamos recomendações de hotéis em Chicago. :)