Monday, November 06, 2006


Ha, probably I need a better translation for the Portuguese "rápidas".

Full Metal Alchemist - After a long time away from the Japanese Animes, I found out a quite amazing one. The 51 episodes are addictive and the final movie is a wonderful piece of fantasy. Thumbs up.

The Name of the Rose - Either my expectations were too high or the English translation wasn't that good. It's an "ok" book. Raquel (who loves that book) now can kill me.

iWoz - Steve Wozniak's (first PC's engineer and Apple's co-founder) autobiography. It's interesting to see how he struggles to explain "what it takes to change the world" and fails at that. In the end I felt it's all about talent (genes, education?), timing (sheer luck?) and passion ("The heart has its reasons, of which reason knows nothing"). I liked the book, though. Wozniak seems to be a happy dude.

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