Sunday, August 20, 2006

not quite there yet

a bit of passion wanted to come out:


I want to write a poem that will make you cry
and then smile
And then cry again

I want your tears combined with mine
I want my words to reach you
Because I myself cannot

I want to remember while the memory is fresh
like blood still flowing
like a familiar smell

I want to mark in stone that there was a path
That led from real life to dream
And in the dream there was you

In the dream I saw you in dark caf├ęs
and sunny saturday afternoons
by my side

In the dream we talked of life and love
and crazyness and nothing
and we danced
and we flew

In the dream we shared a bed
Asleep and awake
And you rested your head on my chest
and I felt complete

In the dream I dreamt
and now I refuse to believe I was alone

I want to tell the world I was there with you
and once your eyes were only mine
and all you wanted was me

I claim that time and those memories
I declare them true
And ours

And not being able to be only love
I embrace my selfishness
And share my curse:

You shall remember our dream
and sadly smile
silently crying.

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