Monday, June 05, 2006

Paris - 2

5) The public transportation system is very good, the best I've ever seen. There are metro stations and bus stops everywhere. No fear of getting lost.
6) The city architecture is awesome. The old buildings are still here, people actually live in them. I'm about to say it beats Praha, and that's something.
7) In general, the French are polite. Apparently what gives the city the bad fame are the exceptions. Today my friend (who speaks French) asked an omelette for me, no drinks. Then the lady refused to sell the food, saying (or yelling, I should say) it was an expensive plate and I had to drink something. I ended up buying a sandwich while she complained I didn't speak French.
8) At the reasonably priced restaurants (under 20$ per meal), the food is ok. I still have to go to a fancy one to see what they have to offer.

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