Sunday, August 24, 2003

Qubits em silicio

Silicon chips go quantum

Shen Tsai at the NEC Fundamental Research Laboratories in Ibaraki, Japan, and his colleagues have built a chip containing two squares of aluminium, called "Cooper pair boxes", each about 0.1 micrometres across. Each box contains a few pairs of electrons, bound together in a state called a Cooper pair, and is connected to a reservoir of other electrons. When an electric field is applied across the box, an extra Cooper pair is pulled out of the reservoir and into the box. This changes the qubit 's state from 0 to 1. Removing a pair changes the state back. The quantum nature of the boxes allows them to exist in both states at once.

Diz o Tsai que a técnica dele tem mais potencial para ser expandida do que a recordista atual (com 7 poderosos qubits), baseada em ressonância magnética nuclear.

Roubei do Ricardo.

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